Canine Super Shuttle Pick Up/Drop Off  

Cape Coral                                       20

              Fort Myers (within 10 miles of Spa)      20

              Punta Gorda/ Burnt Store Rd                20

               (within 10 miles of Spa)

This is Miss Ellie after she was shaved, and then groomed again 8 weeks are worth a thousand words.

Dematting Fees    $25 per 1/2 hour

  • Most matted dogs will require between ½ hour to 1 hour to get the job done. If matting is more severe, then due to the safety and health of your pet, shaving the dog will be the more humane and safe choice, with owner notified in advance. We believe in the Golden Rules of Certified Grooming…”Humanity Over Vanity” and “Do no Harm”.
  • Please do remember, that this may be the best alternative to a badly matted coat to avoid a very painful, and unsafe groom. Our promise to you is that we will assist you in every way possible to make the groom as attractive as possible. The coat can then be allowed to grow out and skin condition will be healthy and ready for a new style. Our main goal is safety, and making both our human clients and canine clients happy

This is Miss Ellie before her groom. She is a 14 years old rescue dog. She was matted to the skin and very uncomfortable.

Flea/Tick Bath/Treatment    20

(All dogs will be checked for fleas and ticks upon arrival to spa, to ensure that all our clients are protected from fleas and ticks. If fleas or ticks are found, this can happen as we do live in Florida, owner will be shown, and pet will have option to have immediate flea treatment or owner may reschedule after the pet has been treated for fleas and/or ticks)

Handling Fee

 Small 25.00

Medium 30.00,

Large & XX-Large 35.00

(Only applied when absolutely necessary, for safety risk of groomer, and time required for working with dog, to retrain for acceptable grooming behavior modification. We understand that your dog may not have had a previously favorable experience with grooming, and are willing to work with your pet and spend the extra time to alleviate this learned behavior. As soon as behavior has been modified, this charge will no longer be necessary)

  Manhattan Canine Dog Grooming Spa & Daycare

Spa Add On / A La Carte Services

  • **(Handling Fee may apply due to Temperament, biting etc., until dog becomes accustomed to our handling, only applied when deemed necessary, and at spa owners discretion)
  •  Nail Trim and/or File                                            10

          (Your dog may prefer one or the other, if possible

           we trim and file the front nails, back nails can be

           filed as well, upon request).

  • Ear Care: Plucked, Cleared and Cleaned             15
  • Anal Glands                                                            15
  • Medicated Shampoo  
  • Teeth Sprayed for Plaque and Brushed                                                                  15