Bath & Dry Only Prices
Small 0 – 15 lbs.                  25
Medium 16 – 30 lbs.            35
Large 31- 60 lbs.                 40
X-Large over 60 lbs.            45  

Manhattan Canine Dog Grooming Spa & Daycare

Spa Bath & Dry Only

  •  Includes Pre-Bath Coat Brushing, Therapeutic Message Bath with Luxury Spa Shampoo and Conditioner (appropriate for coat and skin condition), Fluff Dry or High Velocity Dry for those with multiple coats, Nail Trim, Bandana and All Natural Essential Oils Cologne of Preference.
  • **(Does not include any Hair Cut)   
  •  De-matting or Flea/Tick Treatments). All dogs are checked for fleas and ticks upon arrival, if found, and this can happen as we do live in Florida, owner will be shown and given the option for immediate flea/tick bath (additional $20 added to price of groom), or to reschedule groom after flea/tick issue has been properly treated.
  • We are trained to correctly apply Veterinarian Ordered Therapeutic Shampoo’s and Topical Medications upon client’s request. Therapeutic shampoos require correct application to give the best results. If due to schedule or preference, you prefer a professional to do the bath, just bring in the shampoo ordered...and we will do the work.
  • We also stock several Therapeutic Shampoos and Conditioners for a variety  of skin conditions. If we provide a Specialized Medicated Shampoo & Conditioner, some products will require a $5 charge, in addition to the price of the bath (Due to cost of product and length of time the product must remain on the dog before rinsing, to achieve optimal results).
  • Only top of the line, all natural

          products are used in accordance to your

          pets coat and skin condition needs. This 

          ensures your pet is getting the best care


  • We always recommend seeing your veterinarian if sudden changes in coat or skin are noted, as this may be indicative

          of an underlying health issue or newly

          developed allergy.