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 Puppy Care Package
Introductory/First Visit      45

Second visit                         45

Third visit                           45
Forth Visit /Full Groom Regular Prices for Breed will Apply


Your puppy is introduced slowly and gently, so by the time a full groom is required your puppy will be more relaxed and receptive to the groom.

This leads to safer grooms throughout the dog’s life span. A dog should be able to look forward to going to the spa to be groomed, without fear of how they will be handled. If a human went to a spa and had a bad experience, they would not want to return either. We want your puppy to love becoming a Manhattan Canine Pup. Puppy introduction to grooming optimally should start at approximately 4 months depending on breed..

  • On the first visit, the puppy will be allowed to explore the new surroundings, while their owner and the groomer get acquainted. Then the puppy will then be placed on the grooming table to become familiar with the groomer, her voice, smell and touch. The clipper will be introduced, so your puppy can become familiar with the sound and  feel (vibration) of the clipper. No hair will usually be clipped on first visit.

  • On the second visit, the puppy will repeat the above, then be introduced to the bath, and a gentle fluff dryer.

  • On the third visit, the first groom will take place. The goal of the first groom is not a perfect groom, but to allow the puppy to have the groom experience and began to learn what is his/her part in the process, by encouraging good behavior for grooming. There are some puppies that will be ready and relaxed enough for a great groom, even by their first, second or third visit. Some will need more exposure to the grooming process to be able to relax and be as receptive to learning. This process will allow your puppy to build a strong bond with his/her groomer, which will result in your pet feeling safe, secure and looking forward to their regularly scheduled spa grooms.

 Clients will be given tips on how they can perform exercises at home that will help the puppy feel comfortable with the sensations of grooming, this can and is encouraged to be started prior to first visit. Correct brushing techniques will be shown according to breed and style of groom chosen. You are welcome to call for information on how to get started.

  **Appointments should be booked no more than two weeks apart for first three visits.

We take into consideration three visits can be costly and so have put together an affordable puppy package, to ensure your puppy gets the best care and introduction to grooming, right from the very start. 



Puppy Introduction to Grooming