Manhattan Canine Dog Grooming Spa & Daycare

       Certified Professional Dog Grooming in Cape Coral

Grooming Services

  • Spa Groom includes: Brush out, double wash with relaxing, trained therapeutic massage, conditioner when appropriate, medicated shampoo when indicated for skin issues, eye areas cleared and treated for staining, mouth line cleared of hair ( to help prevent tooth decay and bad breath), ear plucking, clearing and cleaning, pads shaved out, nails trimmed and filed, sanitary trim, anal gland expression when appropriate, fluff dry, high velocity dry for those with double and triple coats, haircut and style of your choice. *** (De-Matting charge will apply when appropriate, with owner notified in advance).
  • Deshedding treatments are included in grooming price for all large shedding breeds (unless made aware in advance of need for hypoallergenic shampoo, then hypoallergenic shampoo will replace deshedding products and precautions used for sensitive skin). Up to 75% less shedding in the house and pool. Only Top of the Line Shampoos and Conditioners used. Products always available for customer viewing. Technique Matters (this should never be a complicated or uncomfortable groom, in fact your dog will feel fantastic and smell great when the groom is complete. For best results, Deshedding Treatment should be scheduled every eight weeks.                           
  • Cursory exam, a professional groomer often is the first one to identify health change or concern (Ex: change 

          in coat, lumps, moles, ear infection, anal gland infection, urinary tract infection, parasite infestation, guarding

          of abdomen, or new painful area).

  • Clean Coat and skin make for a healthy, happy, well-adjusted dog. A matted coat can cause a number of health   

          issues (Ex: Itching and pain, Hot Spots, Skin Bacterial and Fungal Infections).Regular grooming for most breeds should take  

          place every 4-8 weeks, depending on breed and preferred style, with regular brushing in between.   

  • All grooms complimented with bows, bandana, and all natural essential oils cologne, with client’s preference kept

          in mind.

  • Trained Therapeutic Message, soft music, and climate control for your pets relaxation, comfort, and best spa

          experience possible. Many Clients have experienced the relaxing effects this message can have on older dogs, dogs        with separation anxiety, or dogs with unfavorable previous grooming experiences.

  • Pet CPR and First Aid Certified
  • NO Crates or Cage Dryers Ever!
  • No Plastic Bowels (allergy prevention)
  • State of the Art UV Light Central Air Purification System, kills airborne and surface bacteria, and rids air of tiny hair particles. (Hospital Quality System) 
  • Two Fenced Yards for Potty Breaks

                      1.    Before and After Groom 

                      2.   Potty Schedule for those in Daycare 

  • Advanced Skin Care Specializing In:

                      1.   Seborrhea 

                       2.  Eczema 

                       3.  Yeast/ Fungal 

                       4.  Sebaceous Adenitis  

                       5. Skin Allergies 

See Bath & Dry Only Services for bringing in your own vet prescribed therapeutic shampoo for various skin conditions. We are trained to properly apply these topical treatments. Without proper application, most of these shampoos cannot provide full effectiveness in improving the skin condition. If this is something you would rather have a professional do, just bring in the shampoo/topical treatment, and we will do the work for you.