Geriatric / Disability / Special Need



  • Breaks given as needed during the groom

  • Special equipment available to assist those whom have trouble standing, electric tables that lower to 6 to12 inches from ground to avoid unnecessary strain for our geriatric and/or disabled guests. 

  • Special equipment available that is designed to help assist the older and/or disabled dog maintain a standing position for the groom (breaks will continue to be provided during groom)

  • More time scheduled and allowed with elderly pets. These grooms can require time for equipment use and to let the dog proceed as tolerated. This leads to a less stressful groom for both guest and groomer. 

  • Special precautions for those with known medical conditions (Ex: Diabetes, Seizures, Arthritis/ Painful Joints)

  • All efforts will be made to return the pet to the owner as soon as reasonable possible. We understand that you are concerned with your pets health and safety. By allowing the dog to feel that they will not be pushed past their ability...the dog will be less stressed...a less stressed dog leads to a safer groom.

Wheelchair Accessibility Coming Soon


Please make sure all medications are given before the groom ( Ex: Seizure Medication. Insulin, Pain Medication, Medication for Anxiety). Please make us aware if your pet has eaten before the groom, and when his/her next meal would be normally scheduled. If a dog has not eaten, please check with your vet to see if insulin can be held (not given), and resumed at next dosage time, after meal and the groom. Safety is our first priority.

Disabled, Service & Therapy Dogs Welcome

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