1. Cursory Exam, a trained professional groomer is often the first one to identify health changes or concerns ( Ex: Change in Coat, Lumps, Moles, Ear Infection, Anal Gland Infection, Urinary Tract Infection, Parasite Infestation, Guarding of the Abdomen, Weight Loss, New Painful Area)
  2. Clean Coat and Skin make for healthy, happy, well adjusted dog. A matted coat can cause a number of health issues (Ex: Itching, Hot Spots, Bacterial and Fungal Skin Infections, Discomfort)
  4. All Grooms complimented with coordinating Bandana, Bows and Cologne, with owners preference keep in mind.
  5. Soft music, Climate Control and State of the Art Central UV Air Purification System (Hospital Quality) for your pets relaxation, comfort and health.

     ***Dematting charge will apply when 

          appropriate, with owner notified in

          advance of groom.

   Manhattan Canine Dog Grooming Spa & Daycare

  • Brush Out
  • Double Wash with relaxing, trained therapeutic message
  • Coat Conditioner when appropriate
  • Medicated Shampoo when indicated for skin issues (Additional $5 for some medicated shampoos)
  • Eye areas cleared of hair and treated for staining
  • Mouth line cleared of hair (helps to prevent tooth decay and bad breath)
  • Teeth Brushing & Plaque Gel Applied
  • Ear Plucking, Clearing and Cleaning
  • Pads shaved Out
  • Nails Trimmed and Filed
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Anal Gland Expression when Appropriate
  • Fluff Dry and / or High Velocity Dry for those with Double Coats (NO CAGE DRYERS EVER)
  • Haircut and Style of your Choice
  • Deshedding Treatment included in price of spa groom, for all shedding breeds (unless made aware in advance of need for hypoallergenic shampoo, then hypoallergenic shampoo will replace de-shedding products and precautions  will be taken for the care of sensitive

          skin) Our De-Shedding Treatments

          reduce shedding 75% - 80%.

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All Our Spa Grooms Include