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Cape Coral's premier All-Breed Dog Grooming Spa, with State School Certified Groomer, conveniently located in the heart of the city, right off Veterans and Santa Barbara Blvd. With over twenty years of experience, we are confident in offering qualified grooms for show dogs, designer dogs, and pet trims of all styles. At Manhattan Canine our grooms are sure to make heads turn, and people smile.


Our Services

  Our mission is the creation of a patient and trusting atmosphere, remembering  to offer as they do, an abundance of kindness, understanding and  joy, while working together to maintain a safe, healthy, clean environment within a fulfilling profession.


Manhattan Canine is Proud to be  Members of:

  • NDGAA (National Dog GroomersAssociation

of America, Inc.)

  •                    American Kennel Club

Bath, Dry & Nails



      Monday  9 AM - 6 PM        Friday  CLOSED

     Tuesday  9 AM  - 6 PM       Saturday CLOSED

     Wednesday  9 AM - 6 PM       Sunday CLOSED

     Thursday  9 AM - 6 PM    


   ** Puppy Groom Training

       Sessions Available on Request.


               Groom & Stay for the Day   

             Regular Grooming Clients Only

All Spa Grooms Include

  • Brush Out
  • Double Wash (with relaxing trained therapeutic pressure point message)
  • Medicated Shampoo (when indicated for skin issues)( $5 Add Charge for Some Specialty Dermatological Shampoos)
  • Coat Conditioner (when appropriate)
  • Eye Area Cleared and Treated for Staining
  • Teeth Sprayed with Plaque Remover & Brushed
  • Lip Line Cleared of Hair (to help prevent tooth decay and bad breath)
  • Ear Plucking, Clearing and Cleaning
  • Pads Shaved Out
  • Nails Trimmed and Filed
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Anal Gland Expression (when appropriate)
  • Fluff Dry and / or High Velocity Dry for the Multiple Coated Breeds
  • Haircut & Style of your choice
  • **(De-Matting Charges will apply when appropriate, with the owner notified in advance, please see De-Matting Fees)
  • Deshedding Treatment included in price of Spa Groom, for all shedding breeds

        (Reduces Shedding 75% - 80%)

  • Complimentary Cologne, Bandana

          & Coordinating Bows (available          

            as per client's preference )

   10 Reasons to Choose...Manhattan Canine

  • Over 20 Years Industry Experience
  • State School Certified Graduate of Academy of Animal Arts (On Campus Education)
  • One on One Grooming (Same Groomer every Groom)
  • Registered Critical Care Nurse
  • Pet CPR  and First Aid Certified
  •  Shot Records kept on file at Manhattan Canine, Inc.

           (You and your pets safety and happiness is our first


  • Non-Smoking Facility with State of the Art Central

          UV Air Filtration System (Hospital Quality)

  • Walking Schedule in Fenced Yard
  • Trusted & Respected Customer Following
  • Superior Dog Care at an Affordable Price

Luxury Spa


Pampered Daycare

Cape Coral's

 Manhattan Canine Dog Grooming Spa & Daycare

Nationally Certified Professional Dog Grooming

Checks and Cash also Accepted